June 2, 2011

by Norman Fischer | June 20, 2011 at 12:50 PM

my pal lama surya das has just come out with a great new book, buddha standard time (bst).  from harper one publishers.  i think it came out a few days ago. he sent me an advanced copy and i am enjoying it a lot.  "buddha standard time," what a great idea! 

it reminds me of the koan of yunyan and daowu we all love so much:"there's one who's not busy."  that is, in the midst of our busyness and rushing around here and there taking care of our friends and staying in touch and informed, there's also someone else, in us, who isn't busy, who takes it all in stride, calmly and with enjoyment. 

but the question is, how would we live like that?  good idea, but how? well we sit.  but sometimes that isn't quite enough. helps for sure.  but more is needed.  we have to be able to find buddha standard time any time, any where. 

well surya's book tells you how.  i really admire surya - he's a very very well trained tibetan buddhist practitioner/teacher.  spent years in france studying with all the late great masters of the previous generation, has real soul and traditional chops.  and yet is very very good at explaining and updating these traditions (and adding to them - this books uses a lot of stuff, other religions, psychology etc). he's a funny lively writer (and person too) and is always very readable.  like me, he writes quickly and easily, so his stuff reads like that.  so get this book and practice being in time but not being pushed around by it.  who doesn't need this!


Norman Fischer