En route puerto vallerta to sfo

by Norman Fischer | April 14, 2011 at 12:58 PM

this is the post-facebook blog.  the other blog was excerpts from my personal journal in which i am writing about big important things. for the ages. this blog is quick original thoughts. like facebook - here is what i am doing, here is what i am thinking, here is what i am eating for breakfast.  much more real and raw - isn't that what's wanted?

what is the current status of the blog?  state of the art.  maybe charles bernstein knows.  what is going on online, anyway, people tweeting and so on?  what are we talking about?  who are we talking to?  what is our purpose?  what are you, my dear reader, interested in reading?  what are you looking for as you read this?

who's talking, who's listening?  the convention, that this is zoketsu norman fischer writing his sincere thoughts and feelings, is a fine convention but a dubious reality.  how do you know that the person who generally employs that name is actually writing this?  it would be excellent to hire a writer to write the purported norman fischer’s thoughts into the world wide web.  that writer could either get the thoughts from norman fischer directly or make them up himself or herself.  I am sure celebrities and important people employ such writers.  maybe i (which “i”?) am doing should be doing or will in future be doing this.

it seems blogs must be provocative.  one must say outrageous things or candid revealing things, arresting things, in order to be recognized and read. this is a style. being a person in a time and place – a style.  what style shall we employ? 

is this provocative enough?  can he still be a good religious person if he is being provocative (or if the person writing under this name is provocative – but isn’t this what we are paying him for?)

is it really necessary to use sensible comprehensible words?  why not write, as i often write on the iphone, with keys difficult to strike properly, things like “whsicha,]  wisa sma,a][=osnbp]=      a;onpoiqup    [q9-s b7y0[d7-d7.

typos dopn’t cpount on blogs!  they only indicate sincerity and rawness of expression.

the plane is landing.....


Norman Fischer