April 22, 2011

by Norman Fischer | April 21, 2011 at 12:57 PM

i have been invited to a nondualism conference.  the other night i was at the east bay open circle, which is also, as i understand, devoted to non dual teaching.  what does non dual mean?  i am not sure.  nevertheless wind right now is blowing bushes around outside.  ty wiggington in disbelief stood at home plate for a few seconds.  bud selig just said he is going to take over the dodgers franchise due to mismanagement.  this is major news, of concern to us all.  barack obama is somewhere around here today, i know because monica is going to go see him.  i told her to tell him we are all proud of him. it isn't his fault things are so screwed up.  but how screwed up are things actually?  which "things" are we talking about? the bushes seem to be doing fine.  the east bay open circle is pleasantly closed, as all circles are and must be.  in the non dual teaching i guess things are both bad and good.  or beyond bad and good. 

taigen sent a post (forwarded it from someone else) about the travesty of barry bonds being found guilty of obstruction of justice.  too bad barry is such a testy guy.  you can only get away with being testy if you are very very smart - smarter than barry. as smart as christopher hitchens. the point i am trying to make here is.....  

well when norman was writing this it was much better.  but now that i have to do it i can't think of anything to say.  "major league baseball has taken control of the los angeles dodgers."  an authority from above is needed in all things.  then things won't be so screwed up. someone can step in and insure that things will go as planned, as needed.  according to some standard or criterion - and to suit someone.  does this mean someone else will not be suited?  would be wearing instead i suppose jeans. there are so many sorts of jeans it will be difficult to choose.  no one wears an indefinite sort of jeans they are all wearing very specific jeans. relaxed fit, classic fit, stressed, unstressed, etc.  in this case luckily norman is in control and will assure that this writing operates under the stress of some quality control which presses down onto it, causing the random letters which otherwise might make no sense at all to be pressed into understandable words and even sentences which have a complete.  not that that wouldn't.  or that if you had another preference you could.  preference could not that would.  or wouldn't complete sentences press understandable words.  (as dogen would put it).


Norman Fischer