Abbot's Journal Vol 63, April 23, 2008

by Norman Fischer | April 23, 2008 at 3:05 PM

Abbot’s Journal Vol 63
April 23, 2008
Muir Beach

Finished finally Kenner’s “Pound Era.” Last line: “thought is a labyrinth.” It got very beautiful at the end, a quiet Pound, saying almost nothing, showing up occasionally here and there in public, age 85 (1970) white hair flying, denizen of a lost world of his own imagination. How he’d, in returning to live all those years in Rapallo, coming back to rural Europe in 1958, after he was released finally from St. E’s as incurable, in essence removed himself from the actual currents of the contemporary world, living in a romanticized past. Sad and beautiful. His life’s work a straining toward something good and true, toward love and union, that he thought he could uncover from the past and bring into the present, how he failed at this. Back to the Cantos this morning, read Canto 90, which begins with the Latin motto from Richard St. Victor, “the human soul is not love, but love flows from it, and it delights not in the idea of itself but in the love which flows from it.”


“first petals

and then cool rain”

- Canto 93


“not yet! not yet!

Do not awaken”

- Canto 93


How except in insane
Is language one question
That it can be kept apart
From two concepts
In its strength

How except it be divorced
Even by a hair, a breath,
From a throat, a tongue, a
Speaker within her speaking
From or into a beginning

In unwrapping
From the question the questioner
Who speak and are
Being is written and spoken

Things come first, they are alive
Two concepts divorced
Ought never have been together,
Asunder, nor can language
Be a hair, a breath

Some small wind twirls a bush-tip
Some grasses furl, unfurl
Who watches, hears, knows, speaks
Flexes an unconstrained strangeness

A strength surpassing understanding
In the first place


Norman Fischer