Abbot's Journal Vol 63, April 18, 2008

by Norman Fischer | April 18, 2008 at 3:05 PM

Abbot’s Journal Vol 63
April 18, 2008
Mar de Jade

Yesterday during the evening meal a whale kept leaping up out of the water not too far out at sea. Hurling its tail violently into the air (a distinctly forked tail, not sure what kind of whale, it didn’t seem very large but hard to tell at the distance), over and over again, maybe a dozen or more times, mostly thrashing the surface of the water, but a few times sinking gracefully back in, without disturbance. Then a pause, then going through the same thing again. Lasted a while. I’ve never seen such a thing. There were some murmurs among us at the tables, but mostly everyone watched in silence. Then in the evening, doing my exercise walk up and down the beach, the sunset: huge, outlandishly, unnaturally huge, bright red sun, a perfect dish against the blue green horizon, slowly sinking...


Norman Fischer