Abbot’s Journal Vol 61, October 16, 2007

by Norman Fischer | October 16, 2007 at 3:07 PM

Muir Beach

… So many events, presentations, retreats, comings and goings in the last week or so really I can hardly remember them. I’d need to check the calendar to determine where I’ve been, what I’ve been talking about, to whom.

This question of remembering: it does seem I forget a lot. I like to think of this as an aspect of my practice, that I emphasize, and put all my energy into, completely where I am at the time, so that I have less of a sense of historical or sequential time, but this may not be the case. I may just have a bad memory, anyway, I do little to exercise or enhance my memory. At my age one should worry about this but I don’t. I am happy to forget most things so as not to have my mind too cluttered up with this and that. I am sure I will remember what I need to remember when I need to remember it. Or that someone will remind me before there is disaster.


“And then I took a breath and the guy took a breath. It was contagious.”

“Oh, ok, ok. I don’t know anybody else, that’s a resource, a resource that I have.”

“Now I need a chair.”

“It’s huge right now.”

“It is intangible.”


Norman Fischer