Abbot's Journal Vol 49 June 13, 2005 Muir Beach

by Norman Fischer | June 13, 2005 at 7:36 PM

The subtlety of these inner changes (and one can't either even call them exactly "inner") is very odd: to what extent is spiritual transformation even ever actually taking place- is it rather a matter of something we think is occurring and is thinking it's occurring enough, something in itself, and what about when we do not think it is occurring, might it be occurring anyway, and if so what does this mean? Certainly material changes (say, in the body, as with aging, or coming to physical maturity) register, and emotional changes register (being emotionally traumatized and healing from that trauma), which is why it makes sense to us to pay our doctors and psychotherapists. But spiritual changes are very subtle- to the point where one could question (as so many of the key thinkers of the Twentieth Century did question) whether they exist or not. Although spiritual experiences can be quite dramatic, they also have a way of dissolving very quickly in the light of day the real ordinary world of people and things shine on them. Which is why people don't want to pay for their religion — or, if they do, want to pay for it way beyond the benefit they actually receive.


Norman Fischer