Peter van der Steere

Peter van der Sterre

I was ordained by Richard Baker in 1975 and practiced at Zen Center in San Francisco, Tassajara and Green Gulch, returning to the market place in 1983 to establish a construction company and support my family. Prior to my arrival at Zen Center in 1972, I was practicing the solitary path of unguided meditation and rough carpentry in Zuni, New Mexico, Boston, Massachusetts, and Custer, South Dakota. I joined the Everyday Zen Community in 2001, and was the first Bay Area Shuso.

Since receiving transmission from Norman in 2011, I have been exploring the challenges and opportunities that poses, with the intention to extend my practice and support to others.

A few years ago I discovered an old Basque boarding house in the old North End of Boise, Idaho. We renovated one of the existing units and extended the new space up into the attic level, which required the removal of the roof and sagging rafters and reinforcing the existing structure. The new attic Zendo and guest space is light and warm, with a view to the south which includes several old church spires and part of the city center. Boise has several Buddhist groups, and I have connected with the Floating Cloud Sangha, who now have a place to meet, study and hold half day sittings, called The 7th Street Zendo. We can be located on the web at

In San Francisco, located less than three blocks from Zen Center, we have created The Oak Street Zendo, which offers a daily morning schedule, as well as classes and half day sittings on a semi regular basis, since it's dedication in January 2015.  The power and engagement of group sitting and study has formed the core of my activity, both within and without the Everyday Zen practice calendar. On the web, we are located at