Ingen Breen

Ingen K. Breen

Ingen was ordained by Norman in January 2000 and was Shuso with Blanche Hartman in the Fall of 2002. Before coming to Green Gulch in ’95 to practice Zen he had practiced with the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order for almost five years. He received Dharma Transmission from Norman in March in 2009 and currently lives at San Francisco Zen Center.

Ingen has registered a business called Ingen’s Right Livelihood . His right livelihood is offering bodywork and courses in meditation and dharma. He is willing and able to travel to groups.

Dharma statement: Many years ago I saw a few minutes of a movie which I later learned was called “The Seven Samurai”. In those few minutes there was a line that stayed with me through the years and eventually, a little over a year ago, I got to see the full film, a Karasawa masterpiece.

The line is simple: “I live to perfect my practice.” Perhaps our practice can never be perfected, perhaps it is already perfect and perhaps it is in need of only a little improvement. Nonetheless, those words still speak to me and I say with that Samurai, “I live to perfect my practice”.