About this Website

This website is a work of love, and a work in progress. We're thinking of it as a kind of virtual zendo, a resource for the community of Everyday Zen sangha and friends, as well as for anyone with an interest in taking the spirit and practice of Buddhism into the everyday world.

Everyday Zen represents a dynamic, diverse and far-flung community of Zen practitioners and poets, doctors and teachers, lawyers and carpenters, artists and therapists, businessmen, bakers and candlestick makers, who live and practice all over the world. Our teacher, Zoketsu Norman Fischer, travels widely and works with many different communities, and so while we form a network of sorts, many of us will never have a chance to meet each other or practice together.

Our hope is that this website will eventually evolve into a meeting ground, where we can come to study and learn and share the teachings, and strengthen the connections between us. It's also a central message board where you can come to get information about EDZ actiities and events. And finally, it's a library, a growing and hugely valuable archive of Norman's writing and audio talks. In the future, we hope to collect more of the teaching and writing and photography by other EDZ teachers and sangha members, as well. With everyone's help, we want to create an on-line home that represents the range and scope and vitality of Everyday Zen activity.


Ruth Ozeki, editor

Tim Burnett, original programmer

The crew of EDZ website volunteers


Interested in helping with this website? The most helpful contribution you can make during these early days following the new website launch is to use the site vigorously, to fill out the website survey (below), and to report any bugs you may find back to us.

Please send your bug reports to  editor@everydayzen.org , with the words "EDZ website testing" in the subject line.


For EDZ Volunteers

Here's the most updated user manual and documentation 

New! Illustrated guide to making website changes (PDF, 2.8 MB)    (Word version, 4.9 MB)


Thank you!

Thanks to Laura Trippi, for her continued support and genius in coming up with backend archiving and storage solutions for this ever-growing library of talks, and to John Murray, audio file processor and uploader extraordinaire, whose devotion to the Dharma and to MP3 technology has made the downloads possible.

Thanks to Lynne Hofmann, Peter Aradi, Bob Andrews, and Tim Burnett, for their work on the Study Guide.

And many bows to the loyal, inspired, and indefatigable crew of volunteers who have helped migrate and do data entry for 400+ teaching items, events, programs, and other content for the new site, and for providing photographs, and for helping during the testing:

Jeff Bickner, Chris Burkhart, Barbara Byrum, Barb Crowley, Marilyn Eversole, Chris Fortin, Monica Heredia, Steve Geyer, Summer Graef, Steve Gross, Robert Hofmann, Larry Lane, Marc Lesser, Kate McCandless, Susan Moon, Michael Newton, Meg Porter Alexander, John Schick, Rick Spencer, Peter van der Sterre, and Laurel Vogel.